Saturday, July 20, 2013

LP097QX1-SPA2 (iPad 3/4 LCD panel) teardown

Since I started making 2048x1536 LCD adapter boards, I have to test each one to make sure its working before sending out. One of the boards, the FPC connector wasn't aligned correctly during placement and during reflow it jumped one pin over. I didn't notice that and plugged stuff in, smoking the backlight traces and shorting panel VCC. I've always wanted to see what makes the panel tick, so I decided to take it apart. Results below.
Full-size pictures are in Picasa album, I can't figure out how to link them directly:

Obviously  working panel
Shields removed
A - EDID eeprom
B - ParadeTech DP635 T-CON
C - Couple DC/DC converters
D - Unknown use i7990 chip
E - Hiding behind metal shield is A2=EE chip
F - Backlight connector
EDID eeprom access, maybe someone wants to change "Color LCD" monitor text
Backlight strips, one on top one on bottom of panel
A - 3A, 32V Fuse
B - Backlight connectors, Hirose
Some stickers on backlight Wooree LED
Unknown A2=EE R1R chip hiding under the metal shield. Certainly looks like a DC/DC converter because of nearby coils but there's already 2 of those near the center of the board... Could be custom Apple or LG junk.
For those who are thinking of using this panel for a DIY projector - with a lot of careful peeling, its relatively easy to extract the panel and driver board from its casing and disconnect backlight. After I noticed the connector was off by one (and of course after I thoroughly disassembled the panel), I decided to hook it up to a working driver board, and to my surprise, it actually worked:


  1. hi m8 great share i also want to use it as a DIY projector, i buy same panel but scared to remove backside but good to hear that panel continue to working even after remove the backlights.

  2. Hey, you mention this LCD would work well for a DIY digital projector with the back-light removed. Can you confirm then that there are no wires or anything that have to go behind the LCD panel (which would block light if used in a projector)? Thanks!

    1. ya,
      the panel pixel area is clean. the electronics to drive the panel are connected with flex PCB to edges and folded, so you can just unfold it and the panel is free of obstructions.

  3. Are you still making these boards?

    1. yes, they're at under services.

  4. Hey, did you leave the front polarizer film on when you took that pic? How did you peel the black tape around it? I tried on one and it cracked.

    1. I think the front polarizer I left on - because it was really hard to peel, and I just got the corner of it peeled and removed. The black tape tho, just slowly pulling it away works fine. It's either cloth or alu tape (depending on which model LCD you got), but the adhesive is not that strong.